Who We Are

Disintegrate’s 24 bit ProTools system allows us to produce the highest quality sound recordings for large and small projects alike. We are highly qualified to direct, produce, organize and coordinate any out-of-house projects as well, that may require special audio needs, including Original music and composition.

Sort Management came to be in the late 80’s – the heyday of Heavy Metal. As with any popular trend, the market became saturated with mediocrity, which left many talented hardworking bands without labels, tours, management and work! Sort’s creed is to work with talented bands who work for themselves. The pure musicianship must be there first, then the desire to work your ass off to do what it takes.

Sort works with the aggressive and musically intense band, Unleashed Power (U.P.), currently recording their third full length CD as well as the newly released EP, Absorbed. Sort will continue to work with bands in the heavy aggressive vain and are currently in negotiations with several artists for representation.

Verdict Entertainment works with various graphic artists and manufacturing facilities around the world to produce extremely effective, finished artwork for merchandising items and CD booklets,which are essential in marketing our performing artists in a way that expresses their identity and the important messages conveyed through music and lyrics. After all, isn’t art an expression of who we are? Choosing the right, carefully created artwork is vital to compliment and augment the music.

For more information contact Verdict Entertaiment’s Vice-President of Operations.

Marybeth has been working with Independant Labels: Imago Records and major Labels: BMG/Arista as well as Concrete Management and Marketing and Sort Management and Production Ltd..