Disintegrate Studios 

Digital recording and mastering facility specializing in producing, recording, mixing and mastering metal bands and rock bands as well as Multimedia, composition, MIDI and sound for picture.

Pro Tools MIX24 +digital workstation. Including Logic Audio and Peak bias software. Waves, Focusrite, TC Tools and Pro Tools plugins and much more.

60+GIG’s of storage, CD burner.

Full Multimedia workstation incl. Video software and hardware.

Wadia and Digidesign digital converters

Midi interface: Mark of the unicorn midi express XT

Speakers: Rhythm /Vifa custom speakers, Dynaudio Gemini Speakers, Vifa Sledgling, Akg & Stax Headphones

Poweramps.: Audio Research D70, Bryston 3B

Mixer: Yamaha 01 mixer

Tape decks: Panasonic SV-3700 dat, 2 x Aiwa AD-F850

MIC-PREAMP: Aphex tubeessence mic pre.

Roland and Alesis MIDI sound modules

Behringer gates and many compressors/ limiters, TC electronic 1140 EQ




Shure 57

Shure 58


AKG C260


Musical instuments:

Sansamp PSA-1


Mesa Boogie

and much more.