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Excerpt from the article “Internet Victims” PC Computing Feb. 2000“….the booby prize for dillydallying goes to the recording industry. It fought hard against MP3. Long after the game was over – and incidentally, the game is over – fat-cat recording executives are still scratching their heads about how to get a piece of the action. Has MP3 killed artistic innovation? It has certainly hurt CD sales, though no one knows by how much. Meanwhile, MP3 is the most commonly searched term on the Web – everyone wants these files. And scores of bands that would never otherwise get airtime are now jamming away……”

Verdict Entertainment is composed of the following divisions: Sort Management, Disintegrate Studio and Verdict Productions. Each division plays a vital role in maintaining the highest creative and innovative standards in the production industry. Whether you are interested in audio recording, graphic design, original composition, merchandising layouts, photography or management representation, Verdict Enteratainment is a reservoir for your creative needs.